Dainty Raw Diamond Gemstone Sterling Silver Choker Necklace

$ 49.00

This lovely dainty raw diamond choker necklace is suitable for everyday wear and is perfect for any special occasion.

Chose the diamond and chain length, we will make a beautiful necklace for you.


Gemstone: Raw Diamond (100% Genuine & conflict free)
-- Size: Approx 6-8mm
-- Color: comes in 3 colors, gray/white, blue, and dark

Metal: All components are sterling silver

The choker on the model presents the blue diamond under the natural light.


Raw/rough diamond stones are of the same chemical composition of those well cut and polish diamond stones. Unfortunately, there isn't any authenticity paperwork for raw/rough diamond as it is impossible to give it a proper grading on color and clarity in the labs for uncut diamonds.

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