April Birthstone Raw Diamond Triangle Gemstone Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 68.00

The diamond slice is cut to be the triangle shape but we keep the delicate natural pattern on the surface. 

--- Approx 8-12mm

--- Gemstone :Rough Diamond (CONFLICT FREE) 100% Genuine. Each is approx 0.25 thickness and the color range in shades from white to light grey

--- Metal: sterling silver


A rough diamond is a diamond rock which has not been cut or processed. These raw/rough diamond stones are of the same chemical composition of those well cut and polish diamond stones.

Unfortunately, there isn't any authenticity paperwork for raw/rough diamond as it is impossible to give it a proper grading on color and clarity in the labs for uncut diamonds.

All the diamonds are from a reputable gemstone manufacturer, located in the country of India.

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