April Birthstone Raw Diamond Solitaire Gemstone Gold Plated Ring

$ 65.00

The luminous, natural uncut, untreated diamond is set into a 18k gold plated over sterling silver bezel. 

-- Gemstone: 100% raw diamond (conflict free). Approx 6-7mm, 0.25 ctw, 0.5 thickness and range in shades from white to light grey

-- Band: width 2mm solid sterling silver plated 18k gold.

-- These diamond rings are made of high quality HEAVY gold plated over sterling silver base.( 2 micron thickness plating, standard gold plating is usually about 0.5 to 1 micron)

-- Smallest size US 5.75-- US 9, adjustable .
Please be aware that " Adjustable " doesn't mean to stretch it with force, it means the ring is able to open along with your finger when you wear it slowly and gently.

A rough diamond is a diamond rock which has not been cut or processed. These raw/rough diamond stones are of the same chemical composition of those well cut and polish diamond stones.

Unfortunately, there isn't any authenticity paperwork for raw/rough diamond as it is impossible to give it a proper grading on color and clarity in the labs for uncut diamonds.

All the diamonds are from a reputable gemstone manufacturer, located in the country of Indian.


Gold plated pieces are ,by default, more fragile and liable to lose its color overtime. The speed at which the gold plating fades will depend on multiple variables from chemical products used for skincare,level of perspiration or even your natural skin PH. For this reason, it is particularly important to take special care of your gold plated jewelry.


~~A soft cloth are the best thing you can do to maintain the beauty of your jewelry.
~~For a deeper, occasional cleaning, a drop of mild soap on a toothbrush will return its luster.
Gold plated jewelry requires more care. Using your toothbrush very intensely may cause the gold plating to fade away, therefore it is very important do you this process very care fully to avoid the gold plating from vanishing.

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