About Us

Hello, I'm Sarah, the shop owner and designer behind the Brand LusixSparkle.
I'm a self taught jeweler, mom of a four years boy :)  I launched our LUSIX Jewelry line in 2014. The LUSIX Jewelry line is inspired by nature, our beautiful surroundings, the natural beauty and raw appearance of the stones, and the rich history of mankind. 

I use mixed metal for our design and handpick each stone. Each piece is handmade with love in our studio here in the beautiful sunny city of Millbrae, California. 

I truly believe that art is not just something pretty to look at or listen to, but something that connects deeply with your soul and emanates positive energy. I feel so honored and humbled when I am able to connect with other people through my pieces.

I’m so honored that you chose to browse my store. I hope you love looking at my pieces as much as I loved creating them for you:)

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Thank you 
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